Whether you want to design your landscape to attract wildlife, learn more about bird identification, minimize potential conflicts with wildlife, or teach children how they can be good stewards of our natural resources, Enviroscapes is here to help.

Workshops and Webinars

One of the most enjoyable aspects of our business is designing age-appropriate workshops and webinars for the general public.  These can be more technical in nature for adults seeking to earn continuing education credits or more basic for younger children wanting to learn about how they can take care of wildlife in their own backyards.

Basic requirements for wildlife include food, water, cover, and space.  Enviroscapes will design fun and engaging workshops for the public to learn about how to landscape for wildlife.  We can even help you to certify that habitat with organizations such as National Wildlife Federation that recognize private citizens for the steps they have taken to improve wildlife habitat!

Educating the Next Generation of Land Stewards

We believe one of the most important endeavors we can undertake is educating youth about the importance of natural resources management and stewardship for the sake of our environment, economy, and health.  We have volunteered with organizations like the Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalists and the Illinois River Watershed Partnership to educate youth about watershed management so they better understand the implications of upstream management on downstream communities and wildlife.  They learn how the water cycle connects all living things, including the water they drink and use, and how important it is to keep it clean. Hands-on activities help to solidify these lessons in the minds of the children so they can better recall these lessons as they get older and become contributing members of society.


Community Engagement

Planting trees to stabilize stream banks over-utilized by cattle.

We seek out opportunities – paid or volunteer – to improve our communities through natural resource management.  Projects include planting trees to stabilize stream banks eroded by over-grazing, removing invasive and non-native plant species that may compete with native flora and fauna, giving public presentation at the local library on sustainable living, or contributing our expertise to public scoping meetings and requests for information on various issues of importance to our wildlife and natural resources.  We enjoy working with the public and are anxious to talk to you further about how we might be of service to you and your community!


An example of an experiential course designed to provide wildlife habitat management plans to actual landowners while simultaneously teaching students how to design those plans.

Secondary Education

As owner and lead consultant of the company, Dr. Susan Rupp spent several years in academia teaching students, managers, extension personnel, and private citizens about our natural resources.  We can custom design courses to meet the need of the audience in question and then deliver those courses online, through webinars, or in personal workshops.  We strive to make our classes and workshops interactive and design them to meet the specific goals and objectives of our clients.  We also monitor the success of our courses through course evaluations to understand how we can improve our services in the future.


Enviroscapes  provides scientific-based research, information, and assessments to stakeholders for making ecologically sound decisions under the current state of political, social, and economic affairs while also providing the greatest likelihood for long-term sustainability of wildlife and other natural resources.


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