Experimental Design

Study DesignSplit plots, nested designs, randomized blocks, completely randomized designs……..there are so many to choose from!  Good research starts with understanding the benefits and limitations of experimental design.  A properly designed experiment can save many headaches down the road.  It is not uncommon for people to jump into a project without taking into consideration how the data collected will later be analyzed.  More often than not, this results in wasted time and money because results of a project are not publically defendable due to poor planning.  Enviroscapes can help clients avoid that pitfall by making sure projects are designed so as to minimize unnecessary expenditures and extraneous labor while also ensuring the study is scientifically defendable and statistically robust.

Data Management

With the technology available today, it is not uncommon for individuals and companies to be immersed in data.  Whether you are collecting thousands of GPS locations on animals or trying to analyze extensive spatial datasets through GIS, Enviroscapes can help you set up a data management system that can efficiently keep track of what might otherwise become unwieldy datasets.  We have experience with database management using software programs such as MS Access and MySQL.  Because staff at Enviroscapes also have extensive IT experience, we can help create secure online database management systems where clients indicate who has access at what level to what items.  We can also assist with data backup and storage systems to ensure that all that hard work and money spent collecting those data won’t be lost due to a computer crash or hard drive failure.  Let us ease that anxiety so you can focus on what is most important – your research!

Stats2Statistical Analysis

Once all those data are collected, it is time to analyze the information.  Key personnel at Enviroscapes have extensive training in statistical analysis including analysis of variance (ANOVA), linear and multiple regression, principle components analysis (PCA), cluster analysis, monte carlo simulations or many other statistical approaches.  We help our clients from the experimental design phase through data collection and management to the final stages of data analysis and interpretation.


Enviroscapes  provides scientific-based research, information, and assessments to stakeholders for making ecologically sound decisions under the current state of political, social, and economic affairs while also providing the greatest likelihood for long-term sustainability of wildlife and other natural resources.


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