Habitat Planning

Ninety-six percent of the Prairie Pothole Region is privately owned[1] making collaboration between natural resource managers and private landowners essential in order to achieve wildlife conservation in the Prairie Pothole Region.  Experts at Enviroscapes Ecological Consulting can assist private landowners in developing wildlife habitat management plans that take into account their personal goals for their land – including crop or cattle production – while simultaneously exploring ways to benefit wildlife populations.  We will take the time to identify the goals and objectives of the landowner (e.g., return on investment, increase profits, provide sustainable wildlife populations for hunting, improve water quality, etc.) while simultaneously making sure our recommendations are feasible.  Questions we may ask could include:Grass seed

  • Are the habitat components (food, water, cover, and space) available on the property in sufficient amount and arrangement to create habitat for the target species?  If not, can they be created?
  • Does the landowner have money or alternative resources to create that habitat?
  • Can we meet the landowner’s timeline in implementing the management?
  • Are there existing CRP programs on the property that need to be considered?
  • If the target species is not present on the property, is it found in the immediate vicinity and able to “procure” the new habitat we create?
  • Will the management practices of surrounding landowners prevent the successful application of our proposed management activity on our property?

Each habitat management plan is custom-built to the specific needs, resources, and long-term goals of our client.  In addition, we incorporate methods to monitor the success of our planning efforts so that adjustments can be made if necessary. We provide alternatives to the landowner and then will walk through each step of the planning and implementation process with our clients to ensure they have the best available information for their own decision-making process.  Give us a call and let us know how we can help you achieve your land management goals!

[1] Johnson D. H., Haseltine S. D., and Cowardin L. M.. 1994. Wildlife Habitat Management on the Northern Prairie Landscape. Landscape and Urban Planning 28:5-21. Bozeman, MT: Mountain Prairie Information Node.<http://www.pdfio.com/k-568676.html#Accessed 17 May 2013.