Peer-Reviewed (Recent)

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications (Undergrads in BOLD):

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  • Grovenburg, T. W., C. N. Jacques, C. S. DePerno, C. P. Lehman, T. J. Brinkman, R. W. Klaver, K. A. Robling, S. P. Rupp, and J. A. Jenks.  2012.  Heterogeneity in habitat type and vertical heights: Effects on accuracy of radiotelemetry locations. Wildlife Biology 18:1-11.
  • Hegge, K., P. J. Johnson, and S. P. Rupp. 2012.  Prevalence and behavior of Blastobasis repartella (Dietz) in switchgrass.  Pages 55-62 in South Dakota State University Journal of Undergraduate Research Vol. 10 (2012). [PDF]
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  • Rupp, S. P., and P. Rupp.  2010. Development of an individual-based model to evaluate elk (Cervus elaphus nelsoni) movement and distribution patterns following the Cerro Grande Fire in north central New Mexico, USA.  Ecological Modelling 221(12):1605-1619. [Rupp and Rupp 2010]
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